Sakura! Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom at Branch Brook Park on Saturday. It was a perfect morning, with a very nice blue sky to contrast the trees. All of the shots were made with my D200, except this one, which I snapped on my way out of the park with the Canon G9. It turned out to be one of my favorites from the morning. The really soft shots (too soft???) were taken with a lens baby. I’m looking forward to making some prints of the better shots, and I am going to give Adorama a try for some larger prints.


8 Responses to “Sakura! Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Claire says:

    These are just lovely :)

    I love the soft shots, they are very dream like.

  2. Carol Cooper says:

    So delicate! Wonderful shots! Thank you so much for sharing, still waiting for our trees to start blooming.

  3. handledancer says:

    Awesome cherry tree! I especially like the close ups, very sharp and clear images of such beautiful objects.

  4. Aingheal Apryll says:

    waw :o
    these are really great :)

  5. Sean says:

    Thanks Aingheal… and thanks to everyone else their comments too!

  6. Brian says:

    Beautiful pics!

    I know the park well – near Sacred Heart Cathedral. I ran “The Cherry Blossom Run” more than once.

  7. Estelle says:

    Magic well done- take me there
    from south africa

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