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Posted by on Mar 24, 2009 in Blog, Looking Back, Photography, Places | 4 comments

Bird on Cactus, Aruba

Bird on Cactus, Aruba

I took a short trip to Aruba with my wife back in 2003. We spent most of the time relaxing on the beach, but we did take a little back road drive along the less populated side of the island. I caught this guy hanging out on his perch. It looked pretty uncomfortable, but I guess it was a good vantage point for hunting. I was using my Nikon D100 back then, and I’m still impressed by the quality of the images I made with it.


  1. I just love all the textures in this image. It would be equally striking in B&W!

  2. Sleek and beautifully capture!

    Dig the bokeh here

  3. The cactus has to be what would attract most people to this photo. Only when you notice the bird perched on it that you soon realise what a great photo this is.

  4. I like your site. I’m looking forward to more visits here. Thanks!

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