Looking Back – Feeling Blue

I am a big fan of photography classes. Even if you know how to work your camera, and you are happy with your skills, there is always something new to learn from others. The classes I take tend to have photographers of varying skill levels, and backgrounds. Usually there is an assignment each week, and the following class will get to review and discuss everyone’s work. By looking at so many different photographic styles, you can gain ideas and inspiration for your own work. Here are a few shots from a class I took in 2004 at the New York Open Center for an assignment called “Mood” :

Trumpet Player at the South Street Seaport, NYC
Trumpet Player at the South Street Seaport, NYC

Neon Sign, Downtown NYC
Neon Sign, Downtown NYC

Another thing that you can gain by taking a class is a project to focus on. Even a vague assignment such as “mood” will force you to go out and shoot with a goal in mind. If you are lacking motivation, or ideas… take a class!

7 thoughts on “Looking Back – Feeling Blue”

  1. A non-profit photography school, cool. Sean your photos are excellent. The contrast between the trumpet and the blue background is great. I’m guessing that wasn’t planned when you took it, but it’s great. And of course the neon sign is beautiful, but I’m a little biased ha ha. For me the mood I get could be described as relaxingly sullen.

    I’m not much of a photographer myself but the great thing about the modern digital camera is that it’s a great equalizer. Anyone with an eye for a great shot can succeed. Anyway, great pics!

  2. You have certainly made some good points here about the benefits of photography classes and backed up by two superb mood shots. I really like the composition of the first image of the trumpet player. The human element is important for capturing mood or emotions. In images without a human element the mood is usually more heavily implied and therefore left to some degree to the imagination of the observer.

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