Camera Obscure Huh? – Sigma DP3 Merrill

The Sigma DP3 Merrill was released in 2013 for a list price of $999. The camera uses the very unique Foveon 3 layer sensor with 45 million photo sensors, producing 15 megapixel images. Since each “pixel” in the image has the full color info from the 3 stacked sub-pixels, there is no need for any AA filter, or bayer mask requiring demosaicing. The DP Merrill cameras came in three versions, each with its own fixed focal length (DP1: 28mm DP2: 50mm and DP3: 75mm equivalent focal length lenses). Foveon cameras have an almost cult-like following, with claims of 3D-like images, magical colors, medium format quality, and razor sharp images…

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Summer in Vermont

We spent the first week of August in Burlington, VT for our family vacation. I was worried about the summer heat, but we got lucky and the weather was perfect. We spent our mornings hiking, kayaking, and biking, taking advantage of the cool lake breeze. Afternoons were spent having lunch outside, topped off with the occasional maple creemee and a well deserved pint for me.

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FujifilM X100V – In Bloom

The X100V delivers some great colors when photographing flowers and plants. It has a pretty decent close focus distance of about 4 inches / 10cm. The 26mp sensor has some room to crop if you want to get in a bit closer. I purchased some cheap old Tiffen close up filters from, and I’ll do a post about how useful they are down the road.

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