NYC Signs of Spring

Wall of Flowers
Wall of Flowers, Rockefeller Center

They were in the process of replacing the flowers at the Channel Garden Fountain in Rockefeller Center. I guess the cold weather did in the earlier batch. I’m really enjoying the “pocketability” of the Canon G9. This shot was taken at F/5.6, 1/25th of a second @ iso 200. The image stabilization allowed me to get a sharp picture at a 93mm focal length, without killing the image with noise.

I’ve been tempted to order a Sigma DP1, but I’m going to resist, and stick with the G9 for now. While the DP1 has a great lens, and a big Foveon sensor, the G9 has a good zoom range, decent image quality below iso 400, IS, and support for it’s raw files in Adobe Lightroom. I’m also hoping Nikon and Canon will see the light, and drum up some worthy competition for the DP1. Nikon especially should seize the opportunity to boost their cookie cutter lineup of point & shoots with some compact cameras with a little bit of “soul”.

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