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NYC Steam

Man in Black
Man in Black

The intersection at 47th street and 6th Ave. seems to have some steam issues. It seems to be pouring out of every drain, manhole cover and pothole. This shot was taken with my new favorite toy, a Canon G9. While I love my D200, it was starting to wear on my back and shoulders a bit. So far, the G9 is looking good. It’s lacking in the wide angle, and shallow depth of field departments, but makes up for it with image stabilization and compactness. I am finding that I am much more likely to carry it in hand as I walk to and from work in the mornings.

I’d like to give a shout out to David Beckerman of New York Photography. David was kind enough to sell me his lightly used G9 at a very fair price. Hopefully he left a bit of his talent in the camera for me to absorb.

NYC Water Tank

NYC Water Tank Reflection
Nikon D200, 28-105mm lens.

Wooden water tanks are a common sight in New York City. Their wood construction adds a little bit of warmth to the brick, glass and steel buildings they are perched on. I took this photo while at a rooftop wedding back in June, catching the reflection of the water tank in the tinted glass windows of the building across the street. I am slightly obsessed with the tanks, and I always wind up snapping some photos of them when I’m shooting in the city. The distortion and color set this shot apart from the others.