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Summer in Vermont

We spent the first week of August in Burlington, VT for our family vacation. I was worried about the summer heat, but we got lucky and the weather was perfect. We spent our mornings hiking, kayaking, and biking, taking advantage of the cool lake breeze. Afternoons were spent having lunch outside, topped off with the occasional maple creemee and a well deserved pint for me.

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Branch Brook Park Bloomfest 2013

After last weeks mistake, I wasn’t going to miss the Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch Brook Park . There were many more trees in bloom and the sky was a perfect contrasty blue when the clouds cooperated. The close-up images were taken with my ancient Nikon 28-105 lens. It’s suffering from a sticky zoom mechanism, but it still delivers. The dancers are from the 10tecommai group. Enjoy !

Cherry Blossom and Butterfly

In preparation for some springtime photography, I entered “Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Status” into Google. An instant dose of disappointment came over me when I read the headline “Coaxed by an exceptionally warm winter, thousands of cherry blossom buds have already burst open at Newark’s Branch Brook Park” in the 3rd item in the results dated March 19th (Link). I rushed over to Branch Brook Park expecting to see the trees past their peak. I was surprised to see only a few trees had actually bloomed… it turns out, the article was from last year.

Doh! .