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Looking Back – Columbus Circle Fountain at Night

Fountains at Columbus Circle

Fountains at Columbus Circle

I took this photo back in October of 2006. I had taken my wife to dinner for her birthday, and took this shot as we were leaving the neighborhood. I braced the camera on the edge of the fountain, turned off the flash, and got a pretty good result for a quick grab. I’ve been going through my catalog to get a set of shots ready for some B&W printing… I’ve added this one to the collection for consideration.

Dog Days of Spring

NYC Standpipe

It feels like August in NYC right now. Fat hairy guys have been walking around shirtless, and all of the smells of the city (urine, garbage, steam vents) are amplified by the heat. I hope the tourists appreciate the special summer preview they are getting. All we need is a garbage strike to make it a *real* NYC heatwave. I haven’t seen any open fire hydrants or standpipes yet… but there is always hope.