Crazy storm last night

I was expecting a little thunderstorm last night, but not a mini tornado. I live in Montclair NJ, and the town is a mess today. There are powerlines all over, trees uprooted and damaged cars and homes.

Storm Damage

Montclair is a very scenic place, and the old trees really add to the character. I was very sad to see some of the huge oak trees that must be close to 150 years old laying in pieces.

More Storm Damage

We experience alot of power outages in my area, mostly due to the trees getting into the wires. On many streets the wires run behind the homes, though the backyards. The lack of poles and wires as you walk down the streets is great, but PSE&G does not do enough to keep the backyard trees off of the wires.

Even More Storm Damage

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