Adobe Photoshop Express

Check out the new Adobe Photoshop Express site! I just signed up and grabbed the url. It looks like a cross between Picassa and Lightroom, the difference being that it is all web based. They are giving 2gb of free storage to start. My main beef with Picassa was that it didn’t allow much control over the tuning features (especially sharpening). The editing features of Express, while simple, seem to give you a little more control. Check it out… and grab your personal url quickly!

* Just a quick note… not surprisingly, the new Express application does not support raw files.

One thought on “Adobe Photoshop Express”

  1. I run a small photo studio and i also work as a web designer and Adobe Photoshop has been the bread and butter of my job. Photoshop is really the best photo editing tool that i have ever used.

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