Lightbox, Amazon Associate Program and Google AdSense

I’ve made some changes to the site recently… my goal is to make the site look cleaner, and make the image viewing experience a little nicer.

  • I have pulled Google AdSense in-line and sidebar ads off of the site. They added no value to visitors, and generated about $22 in income over 1 1/2 years.
  • I am going to try the Amazon Associate program, which is as obtrusive as you want it to be. I’ve started putting some appropriate product links to items I’ve used, or have a personal interest in. I already had to remove the “product preview” script which appears when you hover over a link, because it was annoyingly slow. I may add a sidebar with recommended products in the near future. I’m not looking to get rich here, just maybe earn enough to cover my hosting fees.
  • Finally, I have added the amazing Lightbox plugin for WordPress to the site. It’s a little extra work to create the thumbnails, but the end result is a much better experience for the viewer. I will be putting up larger images, and I will also be posting some gallery pages from my collection.

If you happen to drop in here, please leave me a quick note and let me know what you think of the site and the images (good or bad, I still like to see feedback). Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Lightbox, Amazon Associate Program and Google AdSense”

  1. Hey Sean,

    Long time no talk, but thought I’d drop a comment since you asked for a quick note. Next to the form fields, the text is in black, so I couldn’t tell what I needed to put into each field.

    I love the pics you post but mostly read your site through my RSS fields, but clicked back this time to find out what the Lightbox plug is.


  2. Thanks for dropping in Oda! I need to clean up the style sheet on the site… I’m so used to my site, I didn’t know the text was hidden 🙂

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