Paley Park Bricks and Moss

Paley Park Bricks and Moss
Paley Park Bricks and Moss
Canon G9 f/5.6 1/3sec ISO 80

I took this photo at Paley Park on 53rd Street. The moisture from the waterfall, combined with the shade from the surrounding buildings, creates a moss friendly environment. The symmetry of the bricks, and the bright green color caught my eye. I confess to using the Picasa “soft focus” filter, to create the illusion of a limited depth of field. I use Picasa for “quick and dirty” edits on a good portion of my blog photos. Unfortunately, the G9 raw files don’t play nicely with Picasa, so I use the jpgs instead.

5 thoughts on “Paley Park Bricks and Moss”

  1. Wow , very cool filter effects , it lends a otherworldy quality to the picture , good job!!

    And thanks for this useful tip , I’ll try making this filter effect on my art software

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