Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue
Red White and Blue

I took this picture while walking home a few nights before the election. Normally, Rockefeller Center has flags from the UN member countries flying over the plaza, but running up to the election, they replaced them with US flags.

I’m still shooting with the Canon G9 on and off. I go in phases between carrying the D200 every day, or the G9 when my bag is getting overweight. I’ve also been trying out the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. If you are a Lightroom 2.1 user, you need to check out the new Camera Raw Beta 2 Profiles. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the out of the box colors with these profiles and the Nikon D200. The G9 has a new profile also, but the improvement is not as drastic. I’ve been shooting “raw only” for years now, and it is really worth it when you see drastic improvements to a raw processor such as this.

7 thoughts on “Red White and Blue”

  1. I LOVE this photo. Great job.

    I’m curious about the Camera Raw profiles you mention… I use almost entirely RAW format with my Canon 30D… but in reading at the link you provided, it talks about the DNG format… and I’ve never converted my Canon RAW files to DNG… so does that mean the profiles are of no use to me?

    I’ve never done anything with RAW profiles, so confess to being ignorant about them.

  2. Don’t worry about the DNG stuff. Adobe seems to want to push DNG whenever they can. The new profiles will work fine with your Canon Raw files. If you have Lightroom 2.1, or a recent version of Photoshop, just install the profiles in the first link on the page I referenced.

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