12 thoughts on “It’s all about perspective”

  1. Good shot indeed. I visited NYC in ’99. Stayed with artist friend and wife in the Tribeca area and was smitten by the city. It lived up to all my expectations. I didn’t do the tourist thing, it was the streets and the people. I walked blocks. Rode the buses. Took the subways. Did a post-midnight tour of the Village backstreets, side at street cafes, sketching (imagining I was
    a table away from Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Burroughs), toured the taverns, watched a dumpster diver pour cola remains on the sidewalk and crush and sack the cans. Stood on my friend’s 5th floor fire-escape, smoking, having my morning coffee, watching the sidewalk rushes of people on their way to work.
    Sal’s Paradise. For me.

    You photo triggered much. Thanks.

  2. really cool image. was photoshop involved at all? this is going to drive me crazy trying to figure out how you did this. haha.

  3. BS!! I walked down the street that day and saw that cup of coffee on the street as part of a promotion!!!! It was just as big as the picture shows. Secret technique?? What a fraud.

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