California ‘Cation

Chaos, Belmont Park
Chaos, Belmont Park
Panasonic DMC-GF1, 20mm f/1.7

I just got back from vacation in San Diego. This shot is from the Belmont Park amusement park on the Mission Beach boardwalk. I took the GF1 and the 20mm and left the D200 and G9 behind. Overall, I’m very happy with the camera… and blown away by the lens. In spite of the lcd washout, and a few cases where some zoom would have been nice (at the Zoo), I had a lot of fun with the camera.

This shot was taken with a circular polarizer which accounts for the blue skies. I used Lightroom 2.7 and a calibration profile I found in this DPReview Posting (Direct link to daylight profile). It definitely gave the image a little more punch over the default Adobe profile.

Below is a full resolution crop of the same image located just below the “S” near the center. The 20mm lens is really delivering on detail…

GF1 100% Crop
100% Crop
Panasonic DMC-GF1, 20mm f/1.7

I’ll be posting some more images from the trip when I get some time.

2 thoughts on “California ‘Cation”

  1. Hey Dan! I liked the in-body IS in the Olympus… but I really wanted the 20mm Pancake. At the time, Olympus had some autofocus issues that apparently may be resolved in the latest firmware. The Oly + the Panasonic lens is a little more expensive than the Panasonic combo. No regrets yet… the Panasonic lens is so fast I’m not missing the stabilization.

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