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Mojácar, Spain

I just got back from a trip to Mojácar in the Andalucía region of Spain. A group of friends gets together every year or so to rent a villa in a different destination… and Spain won the vote for this trip. Among the places I visited where the Alhambra, Agua Amarga, Nijar, and Bédar. I’ll be posting some shots from each location when I get a little time.

Agave Plant
Agave Plant at the Villa

Been there, done that…

Empire State Building, early morning
Empire State Building, early morning

I walk past the Empire State Building every work day. If it wasn’t for an assignment for a photo course I’m taking at the New York Open Center I probably wouldn’t have taken this shot. I haven’t gone to class to review the assignment yet, but I’m sure that the instructors point is that if you don’t look (or look again, and again) you may be missing something worth seeing (or photographing). My friend, the dead programmer has been working on a project with that idea in mind for some time now.

Henna Hands

Henna Hands
Leslie’s hands with henna

I attended a great wedding on Sunday. My friend Leslie had her hands painted with henna as part of the pre-wedding festivities. I asked her if I could take a photo of them, so she held them out in front of her black dress in the sunlight. I took one snap, and I got really, really lucky.