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D800 Diary – New York Street Photography

Let me start off by saying that the D800 is not a dream camera for street photography. It’s bulky, indiscreet, and the shutter is pretty loud. I usually would be using my GF1 while walking to the office, but I happened to be carrying the D800 and 85mm 1.8g to get a little time with both. I had just taken the shot in the previous post of the wine bottle corks. As I turned to move on, I caught this lady and her two dogs. I quickly took the shot, and started walking. As I walked over the same curb where she was crouching, I twisted my ankle, and fell into a push-up position in the street. A cabbie waiting the light was having a good laugh at me… luckily the camera was already in my bag and was not harmed. I call “Karma” on the situation… I had my laugh at the scene in the photo, and the cab driver had one at my expense.

Welcome to NYC!

I had been watching the scheduled arrival of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, with the hope that I would be able to get a few photos. I work a few blocks from Pier 40 on the Hudson river, so myself and a few co-workers took a quick morning break to capture this bittersweet flyby. To get the Shuttle “Money Shot” you needed to be on the Jersey side of the river, in a helicopter at a slightly higher altitude so you could get the skyline and the shuttle in the frame. This shot is my favorite.

After stopping at JFK Airport, the Enterprise will find its final home at the Intrepid Museum. While there is some controversy about NY being one of the states to receive a retired shuttle, I have a feeling that it may become one of the most visited one.

Balloons Over Napa

Balloons Over Napa

This shot was taken with a Nikon N60 35mm film camera back in the late 1990’s. Back in December this post over at TheOnlinePhotographer brought up the issue of the demise of film scanners. It provided me with a bit of motivation to pick up a new Plustek OpticFilm 7600i film scanner. Even though it has all of the bells and whistles like IR dust and scratch removal… scanning is a slow, tedious and frustrating process. Most of he prints that looked good as 4×6 prints, start to look blurry and noisy after scanning. I know there are some good shots in my collection… and seeing what the scanner unveils is fun. In the end, scanning really brings out an appreciation for how good digital cameras from the past few years really are.