Castello di Bibbione III

Firewood, Bench and Urn
Firewood, Bench and Urn

When it comes to photography, I’m not really a “People Person”. People really are one of the most interesting subjects, but I often find it difficult to take photos of people I don’t know, or feel a connection with. I’m probably over-analytical about the whole thing, but it does seem to reflect on some of my own issues.

The photo above has no hidden meanings about loneliness or solitude, I just happened to like the rustic look of the bench, and the textures of the different surfaces. I also feel that there is a nice sense of balance between the urn and pile of wood, and the contrast between the shaded top area of the scene and the well lit stone in the foreground. I’m curious how others feel about this image… I really like it, but I’d like some other opinions.

3 thoughts on “Castello di Bibbione III”

  1. What a fantastic image, you’ve paid attention the the rule of thirds, brought everything together with the “sepia” post editing, and I’m not seeing something that’s lonely here. I’m seeing something welcoming, as if happy memories once were made there. 🙂

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