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Interesting locales

Nice Little Key Store

Wall of Keys

The Greenwich Locksmiths unique storefront stopped my in my tracks on my way to work today. The rusty image popped nicely with a little Lightroom work. I think it may also make a nice B&W print.

As I was typing up this post, I decided to check to see if anyone had taken the shot already. Sure enough, ScoutingNY had beaten me to it… and took almost the same exact shot. Oh well… I still like this little keister… I mean key store.

Telegraph Hill Lighthouse

Telegraph Hill Lighthouse

My wife and I took a short break at Martha’s Vineyard this summer. We came across the Eastchop (aka Telegraph Hill ) Lighthouse on one of our walks. We had a nice relaxing stay… bike riding, kayaking, walking and of course, eating.

This shot was taken with the Panasonic GF1 and 20mm lens. I did the post-processing in Photogene on my iPad during my morning train commute a few days ago.